See what our recipients are saying about their monkeys...

Thank you SO much for the smiles your kindness brought our Histio Warrior today!! She hasn’t put her monkey down since opening the box!
— Cory
Thank you, Monkey Grins! This LCH Warrior Princess was just beside herself with her “cute cute” monkey and smiley face lollipop!
— Hollie
Thank you SO MUCH for the Monkey Grin package!!! … They sure put grins on our faces when we needed them the most!! And the bright yellow, happy face lollipops brought sunshine into our lives as well!!
— Chris
Braxton was sooo excited when he saw that he had a box from the mailman. He was even more excited when he saw what was in it. Thank You Monkey Grins!!!
— Amanda
We have enjoyed the cute Monkey Grins so much. They mean so much to my children because I have told them your families story and they understand the love that comes in the package they received.
— Crystal
Trip tells his monkey all his worries (he calls him “Worry Monkey”). It helps him get out his fears before his chemo appointments.
— Mandi
Last night as I tucked my precious Sammi in and positioned her monkey, “Jenson” as we named him in honor of your precious boy, I patted Jenson monkey on the head and rubbed his sweet face sending him love and thanks in heaven.
— Lee Ann
Chloe (and big sister Jewels) received their monkey grins today here in Sydney, Australia. Chloe was born with skin LCH. Thank you and may Jenson’s memory live on forever. xxx
— Jessica
Benjamin was kissing his monkey with blue stickiness all over his face... a sign of extra love evident to us both!
— Angela
The kids love their monkeys. Kaitlin keeps hers hanging from her ceiling fan.
— Kim
Thanks for bringing a smile to our faces today! Dominic was so excited to open the monkey package with his baby sister! What an amazing way to honor your histio angel! Love and prayers.
— Kristen
Thank you so much for the Monkeys! Felipe will be bringing his to chemo tomorrow.
— Amelie